The Wildling Club
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Fine art portraiture, with an adventurous twist.

The Wilding Club is a unique children’s photography studio in the leafy Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne. We believe in creating art in an honest way through storytelling, that captures the magic of childlike wonder through the art of photography.

Every photoshoot is an interactive experience, creating wondrous portraits of your family. Using our magical local forests as inspiration and setting, our photoshoots engage children through adventure and connection with nature.

Why We’re Doing This:

This concept was a culmination of the skills and passions of both creators, Jaccob and Sunshine, who have both been hovering around this idea through their varied work in the arts. With a strong focus on nature and encouraging children to explore and value it, these photographic experiences ignite the imagination and offer authentic experiences in the real world. Our Club membership continues the adventure and learning at home.


About The Creators:

Jaccob McKay, Photographer

For the past eight years Jaccob has been working as a professional photographer and artist across Melbourne, with a strong focus on nature. From landscape images of his home of the Dandenong Ranges to sculpture works and a successful craft woodworking business, Jaccob’s passions lay with the trees and encouraging others to care for and appreciate them.

Sunshine Connelly, Artist

Sunshine is an artist, entrepreneur and communication designer based in the leafy Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne. She was the founder of two businesses The Olinda Collective - an art and design retail shop for local makers and creators; and True Fairies - a children's interactive channel. Sunshine’s passion is creation, and she finds her inspiration in nature and people.

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